Quality Ingredients Make
Quality Product !

Name Brand Products Deliver !
Dsc 2006

More pure ingredient ! Less additives & Bi-product !

While Store Brands & Big Box Store Brands may save a few pennies, Their flavor strength is weakened by second string ingredients !

Expiration Dates Matter !

Remember to always purchase Baking Ingredients with the
furthest away expiration date !
If you are not a daily cook or baker, purchase ingredients, especially Spices,Baking Powder, and Baking Soda in smaller amounts !

Properly Storing Your Ingredients !

While most of us live in climate controlled homes,
most often food pantries and kitchen cabinets have warm and cool spots.
Remember when organizing your food pantries more often than not, the top shelves are warmer and the lower shelves are cooler.
In Kitchen cabinets, you never want to store your spices close to a heat source, they prefer a cooler environment.

The most important rule that should be observed is that all
"Nuts" should always be stored in your freezer, especially if they are not used immediately.  The Oil in most nuts is the first thing to spoil in the heat !!!

If my product will be baked with nuts on top, it is okay to use them from the freezer.
If they are to be incorporated into the product,
I measure out the amount needed, spread them on a baking sheet, and warm them five minutes in the oven until fragrant!
alternately you can toast them in a skillet, however, most people have a tendency to burn them when skillet toasting !!!